About the Traveler's Oracle

This deck of 40 cards derives from large series of watercolors created between 2008 and 2014, depicting a spiritual journey.  It is an attempt to portray, in color and form, the invisible portions of our world: the way in which different combinations of the five elements creates distinct layers of phenomena; the portals or doorways that open between one stratum and the next; and the pathways that the inquiring mind might take to visit these alternate spaces and return intact.

The images, some of which can be seen in the slideshow above, are a fusion of both Asian and Western mythological and philosophical thought: the archetypes and symbols made visible in the many renditions of the Tarot; those that stem from the Goddess religions; those appearing in the traditions of Northern Buddhism and the ancient Bon religion; excerpts from some of the “travelers’ guidebooks” which accompany all the major spiritual traditions. All these elements have nourished my own spiritual journey and appear in personalized form in this series.

All original paintings are upon 140# Arches natural white paper, with Winsor and Newton tube watercolor paints. They range in size from 5”x7” to 12”x16.” 


The Traveler's Oracle


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A set of cards to be used for intuitive readings, or simply for meditation.