Diane is a sculptor, watercolorist and writer living in El Granada, California.  She has had gallery exhibitions in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, and in California where she showed claywork, framed cut-paper sculptures, brush drawing and poetry in hand-made books.

Sculptures over the years have been of porcelain, earthenware, polymer clay, paper and fiber.  The theme that has woven itself throughout all these works has been energy expressed through the feminine form.  Lover, mother, daughter, dancer, goddess, dakini, shaman, queen of each of the Five Elements, she-Buddha.  Standing, sitting, dancing; with her lover and alone…

"I have had so many wonderful teachers!  Special thanks to Ron Roy, Roger Kerslake and Tim deRose of Ontario, Canada, for their guidance with clay and glazes. To Gary Clarien of Palo Alto, for continued help with ceramics, especially low-fire and raku. To Jennifer Almodova,  of Santa Cruz, infinite thanks for her guidance with watercolors."

Recent work includes watercolor paintings honoring the Five Elements and the way in which they dance with one another.  In addition are depictions of Portals: those mysterious doorways between dimensions that one encounters from time to time…

 To inquire about purchasing a sculpture, painting or giclee, please contact Diane at PO Box 628, El Granada, CA 94018, or at info@dianeleemoomeyart.com 


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